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Kalam Polo – Persian Cabbage, Rice, and Meatballs Recipe

This is a guest post by my amazing Persian-American friend, Chantel, who is graciously sharing one of her family’s favorite Persian dishes, Kalam Polo, a wonderful family style dish that you rarely will find in a Persian restaurant except on special occasions.  Kalam Polo translates to “cabbage rice”.  The aromatic cabbage is infused with turmeric, […]

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kookoo sabzi

Kookoo Sabzi : Persian Spinach and Herb Omelet

Kookoo sabzi is my new favorite dish.  It is a herbed spinach omelet, with much more spinach than omelet.  The herbs give it a punch of flavor.  When you serve it atop rice with lentils with the caramelized onion & raisin topping, cugurt (cucumber yogurt sauce), tomatoes and feta cheese, it is indescribably good.  It […]

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Roasted Cauliflower, Caramelized Onions, and Goat Cheese Tart Recipe

Roasted Cauliflower, Caramelized Onions, and Goat Cheese Tart Recipe

I’ve never been a huge fan of cauliflower.  In fact, I still remember my cousin’s (yes, I’m talking about you Sherri!) penchant for eating endless amounts of raw cauliflower and thousand island dressing, and just thought that it was gross.  But ever since Guy from On The Vine Farms mentioned that roasting and caramelizing cauliflower […]

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