Sweet Potato, Swiss Chard, and Gorgonzola Torte

It has been an awesome first month writing this blog!  I’ve connected with so many amazing people, and am looking forward to continuing to share my family’s journey with farm to table cooking.  Thanks to everyone for popping in!  A big shout out to my friend, Brodi,  for featuring Local Farm Foodie and interviewing me on her blog.  You can find her article here.  We share the same passion for good food, and she has promised to share some of her recipes as well.

But back to this post…this looks like dessert, doesn’t it?  It’s got that blend of sweet, savory, and tangy that I knew my husband would probably give it a go.  When he asked what we were making, and I showed him a picture from the magazine,  he questioned “um, you’re making that tonight?!?” with a look wondering if we’ll ever eat.  I could already see him plotting to eat a fluffernutter (marshmallow fluff and peanut butter sandwich–I did not know what this was until I met him).  “Well, you’re not going to bother with all that fancy design stuff, right!?!”  “Nope”, I replied secretly planning my masterpiece.  

One thing that backfired on me was thinking that I could use my food processor to cut the potatoes.  The feeder was too small, so no such luck.  I’ll never admit it, but I should have listened to my husband who wanted to get me that as seen on tv mandoline years ago.  If you’re lucky enough to have one, definitely get it out for this recipe.  If not, you can live dangerously like me and attempt to cut 1/8 inch sweet potato slices.  Don’t worry, they don’t have to be perfect, and you can call yourself a pioneer at the end of the day!  All in all, it the recipe came together very quickly, and just in time before the Mad Men season finale.  I made some homemade baby food with the remaining swiss chard leaves (recipe).  All produce from this recipe came from The Backyard Farmer.


Sweet Potato, Swiss Chard, and Gorgonzola Torte
adapted from Vegetarian Times, Nov 2011

2 lbs sweet potatoes, 1/8″ sliced
8 leaves swiss chard, stems removed
1 T herbs de provence
1 clove garlic, minced
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup red onion, chopped
3 oz gorgonzola cheese or other blue cheese, crumbled

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.  Roll swiss chard leaves into a tight roll, and chiffonade leaves into thin ribbons.  Brush the bottom and inside of a 9 inch springfoam pan with olive oil.  Place a sweet potato slice in the middle of the pan.  Layer additional slices in a circular pattern around the center piece, and overlap each slice until the bottom of the pan is covered.   Drizzle slices with 1 tsp olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, sprinkle 1/2 half of herbs de provence and garlic onto sweet potatoes.  Top with half of swiss chard leaves, half of onions, and half of gorgonzola.  Flatten mixture as much as possible to prepare for next layer of sweet potatoes.  Repeat sweet potato layer, with olive oil, salt, pepper, herbs de provence, and garlic.  Top again with remaining swiss chard, onions, and gorgonzola.  Flatten mixture again, and top with sweet potato layer.  Drizzle with olive oil.  Place springfoam fan on foil, and fold upward towards the pan to prevent liquid from running.  Place foil wrapped pan on baking sheet.  Cover with foil, and bake for 45 minutes.  Uncover, and bake for an additional 15 minutes.  Allow to stand for 10 minutes.  Pat the torte down with a paper towel to absorb liquid.  Unmold pan, and invert onto serving platter.  Alternatively, for a crisp top, invert onto an ovenproof dish, and broil for up to 5 minutes or until sweet potato slices have browned and curled.  For non-vegetarians, this dish would go perfectly with pork chops.  Serves 6.  

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