Hi, I’m Ally, creator of Local Farm Foodie! I have always been passionate about good food. In fact, my husband says I’m obsessed. I won’t go to a new restaurant without checking out the menu first. My night stand is stacked full of cookbooks that always threaten to topple over. I learned to cook out of necessity in college, and my “inner foodie” just grew wildly from there. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed entertaining friends and family making lavish meals that would take all day long to prepare. Lately, it has become more difficult to cook while chasing after my 16 month old boy. As a result, my cooking has evolved into simpler recipes that let the ingredients shine through.

I am a strong advocate for eating locally. I believe we all can make a difference in supporting local and sustainable family farms one meal at a time. My goal is to share our journey of eating seasonally from local farms with simple recipes for busy families like ours; all while trying to convince my reluctant husband that he is not allergic to mushrooms, garlic, olives, or shellfish.

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